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              Oil cooler For BMW E60 E61 E65 E66 E90 E81 E87 11427525333 /11427526333


              The oil cooler development process includes an in-house test series, where the oil cooler is pressure-impulse tested with 100,000 impulses at a pressure of up to 10.0 bar.


              All KEYWIN’ oil coolers are designed and manufactured according to the OE requirements.


              KEYWIN’ oil coolers are tested in KEYWIN’ advanced in-house test facilities to ensure compliance with the high quality demands – thus promising a long service life.


              All KEYWIN oil coolers are packed in our compact and elegant box design.


              The solid packing system minimizes possible risks of transport and storage damages to the products and the KEYWIN box optimises logistics costs and protects the environment.

              Improved turbulator design, ensuring more precise brazing process, thus supreme durability and stress resistance of the component.


              Thermal expansion tested to perform during fluctuations of temperatures, ranging from 10 to 90 °C.

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