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            1. 01. KEYWIN people take on challenges with an open and flexible mindset.
              02. KEYWIN people work in a smart and efficient manner.
              03. KEYWIN people seek KEYWIN’s interest before the team’s, and the team’s interest before my own.
              04. KEYWIN people voluntarily seek self-development and grow together with colleagues.
              05 .KEYWIN people pursue excellence.
              06. KEYWIN people demonstrate full responsibility based on freedom.
              07.  KEYWIN people act proactively.
              08. KEYWIN people meet strict ethical standards and principles.
              09. KEYWIN people pursue a horizontal culture.
              10.  KEYWIN people act based on respect for humankind.

              KEYWIN WAY

              1. KEYWIN people take on challenges with an open and flexible mindset.
              We need to prepare for the future with an open and flexible mindset to survive in today’s fast-changing environment. KEYWIN encourages a culture of seeking new tasks and stepping into unchartered domains in order to read global trends and lead through changes.
              In this culture of challenge, KEYWIN people proactively seek new tasks and ways of working. If such actions are judged to go against company values, we search for solutions and respond in a flexible and nimble manner.
              Also, KEYWIN people are not afraid of failures. Proactive initiatives may bring results that fall below expectations. Instead of giving up, we take on challenges repeatedly with strong will and perseverance. We create our own know-how by making improvements built on past failures.
              For a culture of the challenge to take root, we as a group need to encourage initiatives taken by our colleagues. Even if someone’s initiative turned out unsuccessfully, we must praise the effort and value the process rather than the result.

              2. KEYWIN people work in a smart and efficient manner.
              KEYWIN aims to become a highly productive organization that creates significant value out of people’s effort put in.
              Under this goal, we eliminate any unnecessary procedures and formalities in our work. We always take a critical look at how we work in order to make constant improvements and immediately revise inefficient processes to eradicate waste.
              Our drive for efficiency and accuracy is also reflected in how we communicate. In KEYWIN, our discussions during meetings or reports are to-the-point and brief. Documents are also written in a simple manner, and we avoid writing reports if they can be replaced with email or oral communication, which are our primary method of communicating, and do not waste time styling formats.

              3. KEYWIN people seek KEYWIN ’s interest before the team’s, and the team’s interest before my own.
              The advantage of cooperation is making things possible by adding together individual team member’s capabilities, resources, and efforts. Drawing lines between responsibilities to avoid any blame only hinders cooperation.
              To create optimal results and have continuous growth, KEYWIN people seek what is best for the company as a whole. In other words, a task that serves the company’s interests or a group task that requires my cooperation is treated as priority. True cooperation comes not when we draw clear borders between our work and responsibilities but when we realize that this is “our” work, ask how I can contribute, and setting an example for others.
              Also, KEYWIN people make time to help colleagues. We share as many resources, information, and know-how as possible to help our colleagues.

              4. KEYWIN people voluntarily seek self-development and grow together with colleagues.
              True development comes when we compete with who we were yesterday in order to make a better tomorrow, and a true community is a place where members help each other reach higher. KEYWIN supports employees’ self-development, and KEYWIN people create a learning organization where members constantly learn and expand their capacity.
              In KEYWIN, we do not compete with our colleagues but drive each other’s growth. We are motivated by excellent colleagues and praise what our colleagues do well. We eagerly learn from each other, regardless of the colleague’s age or seniority.
              KEYWIN people cultivate their skills in order to become an inspiring member of other colleagues. Also, we humbly continue to learn by reading.
              Instead of criticizing a colleague’s shortcomings, we provide objective feedback to help the colleague make improvements. Teamwork is about allowing each other to do even better at what they do well, and build a complementary relationship to minimize individual shortcomings.

              5. KEYWIN people pursue excellence.
              An excellent workplace defined by KEYWIN not only has a good working environment and employee welfare but is where people work with the highest standards.
              KEYWIN people strive to become exceptional at work that inspires others to do the same. The more exceptional people there are in KEYWIN, the more help we can give each other and do more in less time. To be exceptional means to be bold enough to aim for the world’s highest level of excellence, achieve challenging goals with strong will and perseverance, create value to our clients, and work for common interests based on a community spirit.

              6. KEYWIN people demonstrate full responsibility based on freedom.
              A person is motivated to achieve a goal when given the freedom to think on their own, rather than when ordered to do so. KEYWIN gives responsibility and authority to its team members in order to maximize the benefit of freedom.
              To work independently is to make the best possible decision based on authority given, and work at a level that is second to none. KEYWIN people gather information and coordinate opinions of that inv involved and demonstrate full responsibility and passion in order to work at the highest level of excellence.

              A culture of freedom and responsibility is created when we trust each other. As trust is something you earn rather than given, in order to gain colleagues’ trust KEYWIN people must work with a strong sense of ownership and passion.

              7. KEYWIN people act proactively.

              What KEYWIN asks for in a culture of freedom and responsibility is a proactive attitude and full engagement in work.

              KEYWIN people do not wait for others to give orders but take responsive measures proactively in advance before issues break out.

              Individuals feel a high sense of satisfaction when they have the freedom and are allowed to take initiative. This satisfaction enables people to behave completely focus on their work. In KEYWIN, we become fully engaged in what we do voluntarily, are passionate about our job, and strive to create a better tomorrow.

              8. KEYWIN people meet strict ethical standards and principles.

              KEYWIN does not tolerate issues that violate moral, ethical, or legal standards. A Zero-Tolerance Policy is applied to such violation, regardless of how trivial it may be.

              KEYWIN people uphold principles and fairness when working. The one standard we uphold as individuals is to “live with integrity”. Regardless of the situation, we act by our conscience and this holds true even without supervision. We make decisions after thorough verification and we do not work based on loose standards or lack of consent. Our work is not influenced by personal relations but is done through a strict qualification process based on principles.

              9.KEYWIN people pursue a horizontal culture.

              Hierarchy and top-down organizations constrain freedom and create a rigid environment. KEYWIN avoids an “authoritative culture” and pursues a culture where authority comes naturally based on skills, experience, and actions that set an example for others.

              KEYWIN people do not hesitate to voice their opinion. We do not hide issues when they arise and collectively search for solutions.

              We pursue common goals and have an open mind toward each other in order to seek better ways. When giving an opinion or suggestion, we provide a thorough explanation of its background and purpose. When someone gives advice or a different view about what we do, we refrain from thinking that our territory is being intruded on and instead listen.

              Meanwhile, we acknowledge that communication is horizontal yet decision-making is vertical. As communication is a process that facilitates the best possible decision-making by those responsible, participants must carry out discussions freely and horizontally. Managers must gather information and opinions from such discussions, make decisions, and execute swiftly based on the delegation policy.

              10. KEYWIN people act based on respect for humankind.

              To respect means to value everyone regardless of differences such as social status, age, gender, educational background, and physical attributes. Respecting each other and recognizing each person’s value lies at the foundation of KEYWIN’s organizational culture.

              Showing respect can begin from a small gesture or what we say each day. If respect isn’t shown in our everyday actions, it merely becomes an empty word.

              KEYWIN people try to understand their colleague’s situations when communicating. We listen carefully to others’ opinions and explain our thoughts and persuade logically when necessary in order to solve issues. We do not get angry, criticize, or use abusive language when someone disagrees with us. We also avoid acts of indifference, ignorance, rudeness, mocking, self-protection, and making condescending remarks.

              Above all, we must strive to earn the respect of others in order to create a work environment where we show and receive respect from each other.

              KEYWIN WAY

              KEYWIN Way is a detailed guideline that shows how our core values are practiced by everyone in KEYWIN.
              KEYWIN Way consists of the following ten categories. These categories serve as a standard by which everyone in KEYWIN thinks and acts.
              KEYWIN Way provides the answer to the question, “Am I thinking and acting the right way?”. If what you do meet the standards stated in KEYWIN Way, the answer is yes. Therefore, KEYWIN Way lies at the heart of all our decisions.